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Based on your business and product needs, First Security Bank offers pricing and competitive rates that are most beneficial for your business.




Statement Analysis - SCS will need to review two current processing statements in order to evaluate and provide you with the most competitive pricing.


Pricing Structures

  • Tiered - set of rates for each qualification of card you accept.
  • Interchange - varying rates based on those set by the Card Brand Associations (Visa, MasterCard and Discover)
  • Hybrid - combination of tiered and interchange pricing that’s customized for the type of cards you accept

Equipment Assurance Program

Our Equipment Assurance Program eases the cash flow burden of merchants having to purchase expensive equipment upfront. This program allows merchants to process payments using the most up to date equipment available for a low monthly fee. We back each piece of equipment and will provide next day business replacement, if needed.



  • Merchants are not burdened with the expense of purchasing expensive equipment upfront
  • We collect all fees and maintain all equipment
  • We will replace equipment that breaks or becomes obsolete
  • We provide next business day equipment replacement
  • 3 year agreement