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Virginia National Bank and Security Card Services provide the most up to date payment processing technologies to ensure you can handle any payment method your customers choose.




We offer a variety of countertop terminals including check and card readers, dial or Ethernet connectivity, contactless and Bluetooth. All terminals are EMV ready so that you are prepared for the future in protecting your business against fraud.


We offer a variety of cloud connected, tablet based Point-of-Sale systems for payment processing and business management. POS systems provide your business with the following benefits:

  • Process sales on site or at any location.
  • Easily manage inventory.
  • Track sales and profitability.
  • Collect customer data in order to better market to customers and increase sales.
  • Automated marking campaigns help create more customer loyalty and stimulate more frequent purchases.

  • These Total Business Solutions will help you grow your business, save time and money and know what's happening in your business.


    Download our app to turn an asset you already own-your smartphone or tablet- into a handheld device with all the payment processing power you need through our payment app and our encrypted card reader. The app is supported by all major wireless providers and is compatible with an extensive list of smartphones and mobile devices.


    We offer internet-based, real time credit and check payment applications with the highest levels of encryption and security necessary to secure your client data. These payment processing applications enable you to process and manage eCommerce, telephone and face-to-face transactions quickly, easily and securely. You also have the option to increase sales by processing payments directly through your website.