We provide merchant services only through regional and community banks.

At the time, such exclusive partnerships were unheard of and today we remain the exception. Today, we partner with more than 2,500 bank locations, servicing thousands of merchant locations.

Our primary goal is helping clients grow. Almost everything we do is focused on helping your bank grow, through both your existing customers and through new-merchant business. In fact, about 60% of our company is structured to be solely devoted to bank growth efforts.

Our primary product is service. From the beginning, we recognized that merchant services are pushing toward commodity. Service has to be more than empty talk and that’s why today we have the Service Corps — a collection of professional teams whose sole purpose is to manage the technical and service issues of our bank partners and their merchants.

That’s also why, when you call, we answer the phone instead of using an automated attendant. While this is a technology industry — it’s a people business. And we intend to keep it that way.

We hire talented people, train them, trust them and keep them. This may be our greatest secret. We hire bright, motivated and talented people. We give them thorough training. We pay them well, not on commission only like many competitors do. We incentivize them to serve you well for the long term. And most importantly, we trust them to use their training, expertise and judgment to help our clients prosper. As a result, we have very little turnover. Our management structure is flat, meaning your issues don’t have to go through layers of bureaucracy to find a solution.

Our clients need our expertise. Banks today must have deep expertise on any number of products and services. It’s become hard to keep up. No matter what the nature of our relationship with a bank is, we exist to give our partners access to deep merchant services expertise. We keep up with the trends so that we can proactively help our clients stay on the forefront of the industry.

2013 Awards

Voted Outstanding Agent Bank Partner of the Year by Vantiv in 2013
Ranked in Top 5 of Vantiv Partners with Highest Revenue Growth
Ranked #1 by Vantiv in 2013 for Number of Bank Sales in the USA
Ranked in Top 2 of Vantiv Partners in Merchant Application Increase