Mission Statement

“We exist to help banks grow through unique and compelling merchant services programs supported by transformative customer service.”


A National Presence

Our Primary goal is to help banks grow.

Almost everything we do is focused on increasing revenue for our partners
through existing customers and new-merchant business.

Our primary product is service.

Merchant services is far more than processing transactions, so we created
the Service Corps — a collection of professional teams whose only
purpose is to manage the technical and service issues of our bank partners
and their merchants.

Our business is notably different.

We work only with banks. We understand that your culture centers on
serving your customers—and so does ours. From big ideas (the Service
Corps and custom programs) to small ideas (like having a person answer
the phone when you call), we’ve committed our entire organization to giving
you the best, most complete experience possible.

The products and technology your merchants expect.

Our bank partners have access to the advanced products and technology
of larger banks, but without the usual sacrifices. We aren’t locked into proprietary
payment platforms and terminals, so we can help merchants pick
the products they need.


Our merchant services programs help banks grow by improving penetration
of existing commercial DDAs. Our bank partners also see growth
through new merchant customers as well. A study commissioned by one
of our bank partners shows that merchants who process payments with
our merchant services program are 35% more likely to remain a bank customer
than those who process payments elsewhere.

Your program, customized to your needs.

We tailor our programs because no two banks are the same. We know
what works and what doesn’t. We’ll give you a wealth of ideas that no other
provider can match.

We have no ISO division.

Banks are our only sales and service channel. That means we will never
sell against you.


Our Story