Humble Beginnings

Our Story

Headquartered in Oxford, Miss., Security Card Services’ story actually began in 1995 in founder William Allias, III’s college dorm room, with the creation of Security Check Services.

During his senior year at the University of Mississippi, Mr. Alias realized that he wanted to stay in Oxford forever so, in his entrepreneurial nature, he started a business selling sunglasses to mainly students. At this time, the main mode of payment he was receiving from his customers was in checks. As you might expect, many of these checks would bounce. After researching collection methods, Mr. Alias found that he could collect a state allowed fee on bounced checks, and thus Security Check was born. Security Check, a check collection company, went on to become the fourth largest check collection and check verification company in the US, with large corporate clients such as Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Sonic, Pier 1 Imports, and Fred’s Pharmacy. The superior customer service offered by Security Check was instrumental in its success. The company adopted a “Collect with Kindness” theory and treated merchant’s customers with respect, which in turn created service oriented culture – end customers were happy and Security check’s merchants were happy! Security Check was sold in 2008.

By 1997, it was apparent that the combination of check readers and credit card machines was leading the company down the path of starting a merchant services business. During this time, Mr. Alias met with several community banks and discovered they had a real need for a merchant services company that understood them and supported the same service culture they embraced. By the year 2000, Security Card Services was focused on working 100% with community banks for merchant services.

Today, Security Card Services has over 150 banks across 38 states and is the only merchant services provider in the country that is exclusive to the Community Bank industry. With Community Banks being our singular distribution channel for growth, superior customer service is the backbone of our organization and we continuously make improvements to stay in-step with the culture of our community bank partners.