Hybrid Bank

Solutions tailored to your needs

If we haven’t been clear, we’re flexible. We will create a merchant services program that fits your bank. If that’s a hybrid of a agent/referral-type relationship, we’re more than happy to talk about the idea and work out something. We’ll set up our program to suit you, based on your region, bank subsidiary or even branch-by-branch.

  • We can create a program that allows you to form a substantial entity with significant value without the need to take on any liability/risk.
  • We design participation in program decisions, pricing actions and equipment structure without the need for additional resources or responsibilities from you.
  • Specific programs are designed for you to achieve expanded customer reach — more opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell new customers.
  • We can create programs where the merchant portfolio becomes an asset on your balance sheet, rather than a revenue stream.
  • You get the ability to partner with a non-interest income entity.