PCI Toolkit® & Data Incident Management Program™

The PCI Toolkit® simplifies PCI DSS merchant compliance. The Data Incident Management Program™ provides valuable assistance when responding to business data incursion incidents, saving the merchant thousands in legal fees, investigation costs, and equipment expense.

Every business that accepts credit cards is required to be compliant with the PCI Data Security Standards, regardless of how many transactions are processed or whether or not card data is stored.

This is where the PCI Toolkit helps you!

Instead of reading over pages and pages of detailed security requirements, the PCI Toolkit walks you through a series of simple questions, first to determine which requirements apply and secondly to present only those questions that apply to your method of accepting card payments. The Toolkit is user friendly and presents definitions in familiar layman’s terms with online assistance when needed.


  • Simplified online Self-Assessment Questionnaire that presents only relevant questions determined by card acceptance methods
  • Support via phone, email, and online
  • Breach Insurance of $50,000 per Merchant Account to cover forensic audits and card brand fines in the event of a data breach
  • Vulnerability scans completed automatically each quarter when required
  • Cyber Attack Readiness Toolkit also available including Penetration Testing and PAN Scanning
  • Data Incident Management Program™ at no cost (see brochure for full details)
    • Full forensic investigation, review and incident reporting
    • EMV POS equipment replacement up to $1,500
    • Legal services up to $10,000
    • Data Incident Notification Services delivered by a legal team specializing in privacy matters including:
      • Consumer notification
      • Card brand notification
      • Public relations management