Service Corps

You can tell how much a company values service by what they do

Everyone talks about customer service. Everyone says it’s the most important part of their business. And yet, given how much people complain about service, it’s clear that most companies would rather talk a good game than put forth the effort exceptional service requires. Our approach is a little different because we see service as part of our primary product, not as some add-on to the business.

  • We answer the phone.
  • A person will answer when you call, within a few rings. As for email, we respond within one hour. Those are important measurements that we take seriously.
  • We solve your problems.
  • Our service experts answer 90% of the questions clients call with while on the initial call. For those calls they can’t answer, we have a direct line with our processing partner. If we refer your call to the processor, we’ll stay on the line with you to ensure that your question is resolved. We measure outcomes, not how quickly we can get you off of the phone.
  • We don’t lose clients because of service.
  • We have 0% merchant attrition due to customer service issues.
  • 100% accuracy on merchant statements.
  • While we can’t say that we never make mistakes, our track record on merchant statements is nearly perfect. It is a point of critical emphasis in our business.
  • We work fast.
  • 98% of merchant applications are approved in 24 hours.
  • No surprises.
  • We provide immediate communication of all product, fee and process changes. Our goal is that you are never surprised by any changes that will affect your business.
  • One central point of contact.
  • Effective communication begins when you know exactly who to call. With SCS, you will have a dedicated relationship manager. If you have a question, you’ll know who to call.

Our support system truly functions as a team,
which is a game changer.

SCS Support Team Structure