Technology & Products

In merchant services, as in most of banking, there is no one product that suits every client. With SCS, you can offer each merchant the technology most suited to their business — whether they process a handful of transactions a week or millions.


Security Card Services takes a different approach to payment products and technology in the marketplace. Our process and culture is aligned around fit; meaning that we want to provide our merchants with the appropriate payment acceptance equipment that fits their needs. We of course provide and offer an array of products which features the latest in technology while keeping cost and efficiencies in mind. This approach is derived not only from our employee culture, but from our 30,000 + merchant base which we frequently converse. With over a 150 Bank Partners throughout the country, we think we understand the needs of our community and regional bank partners.

Product Options

While other payment providers are busy building their own software and creating their own proprietary technology to sell you; Security Card Services prefers to take another approach. We offer our Bank Partner merchants OPTIONS. Rather than push a particular integrated software and product which may not have the merchants best interest in mind, we believe in providing multiple options for our merchants from POS virtual terminals to smart phone based solutions. We are partnered with a few of the largest front end authorization platforms allowing us access to hundreds if not thousands of VAR’s across the country. We can also assist merchants with customize payment products and integrated software options based on the individual merchant needs. It’s a time consuming process that most providers avoid; and we take quite seriously. It means communicating with each of our merchants, understanding their unique needs and to keep them apprised of technological advancements such as EMV and mobile payments solutions. Each change in technology is an opportunity for your bank to play a tangible role in your merchants’ businesses. That’s how we help you become more of an advisory and risk management partner to your commercial clients. That allows you to provide a level of care far beyond your competitors.

This customized and service oriented approach with our merchants regarding “payment solutions” ensures that attrition rates are kept to a minimum and service levels remain high. Security Card Services is very pro-active in its approach with our merchants. The culture is derived from our humble beginnings which started with our first Bank Partner. We think like Banks, we take care of our Bank Partners mutual merchants and we are coordinated in our efforts to provide the service levels and products which keep merchants satisfied.

Security Card Services offers
more than merchant services to your bank.

We also have programs for:

  • Electronic Check Processing and Guarantee
  • Gift Card/Loyalty Programs
  • Custom Growth Marketing Programs
  • Customized Bank Programs
  • Payroll Card Solutions
  • Check Collection Solutions